Hendrick Hudson High School

The Hendrick Hudson High School students have been Sailors for decades. There have been dozens of logos throughout this time that have never quite hit the mark. The district is now committed to galvanizing school spirit under a new visual identity.

To start, we created a new anchor logo, that includes the Hen Hud initials, HH, to be used mostly for district uniforms, school apparel, and signage to celebrate the athletic accomplishments of all of its student athletes. We then created a secondary logo specific to the High School, to celebrate it’s academic legacy. This includes the building’s prestigious architecture in the community and appears on transcripts and college applications. Each logo has a different look, but both are full of Hendrick Hudson school spirit and create great flexibility for the brand.

New signage, catalogs, and marketing materials were created to improve communication and to create a much more cohesive brand language.